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Artist Statement

  1. Utilize and respond to my environment.
  2. Don't ignore intuition.
  3. Question convention and my reaction to conventions.
  4. Don't prematurely decide what is important.
  5. Alter existing spaces and objects.
  6. Think about context.
  7. Highlight something new, ignored, unnoticed, or unspoken.
  8. Try not to be obvious.
  9. Captivate the casual passerby.
  10. Reward keen observers, and/or participants.
  11. Reach out.
  12. Say serious things with jokes.
  13. Experiment.
  14. Spy.
  15. Take notes.
  16. Try not to have an answer in mind.
  17. Display all your ideas and share them with others.
  18. Take responsibility for, but do not own your work.
  19. Recognize the times you've made art without calling it art.
  20. Be subversive without subverting yourself.
  21. Read everything you can get your hands on.
  22. Take notice of the things you hate.
  23. Know what you don't want to make.
  24. Follow through on streams of consciousness.
  25. Follow through on anything.
  26. Know the definition of words.
  27. Do not accept those definitions as finite.
  28. Exercise nepotism openly.
  29. Ask a lot of your viewer.
  30. Think about relationships.
  31. Draw no conclusions, but hypothesize often.
  32. Don't take any opportunity to stroke your intellectual ego.
  33. Do be selective.
  34. Make things.
  35. Deviate from the plan.

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